Worx WX252l XTD Extended Reach Screwdriver Review

As most screw driving chores about the house just involve jobs such as tightening or removing screw or other small jobs it would be overkill to use a bulky drill to carry out these tasks. Using a cordless battery powered screwdriver makes much more sense.

That’s why we recommend everyone has a cordless screwdriver in their tool box and we rate the Worx WX252l XTD Extended Reach Screwdriver highly.

While there are plenty of other quality screwdrivers available this one has an extended reach function that makes it a cut above the rest. As one reviewer commented ‘It is the best designed and most thought out screwdriver he has ever seen.

What’s in the Box;

1 Extended Reach Driver

1 4V Battery Charger

8 Screwdriver Bits


If you have used WORX tools before you will know that they are quality, durable products and this one isn’t any difference.

Obviously, the main selling point for this particular screwdriver is the extended reach feature. There are always going to be times when you need to get into a tight corner or difficult to reach place and the WX252l will be a lifesaver. If the area you want to reach is also dark and gloomy that isn’t an issue either as the driver also comes with a handy built in flashlight to solve that problem.

The driver is also light weight and compact which makes it a good buy for women or people suffering from such conditions as arthritis. Its comfortable and balanced in the hand so you can use it for extended lengths of time without fatigue.

The 4V Li-on Lithium Power Battery holds a charge for a good length of time and takes around 5 hours to fully charge. If your battery runs outs it can be used as a manual screwdriver using the auto spindle lock.

The WORX XTD will work with the shaft extended or retracted. In all there are nine positions which the extending shaft can be locked in.

The driver has enough torque to get most jobs done but you’ve got to remember this isn’t a drill it’s for small household projects.

Reading online reviews of the product gives you some idea of the variety of task it can be used for from putting up blinds, mounting bolts around a door knob, dismantling furniture to working on computers.

With excellent reviews online we didn’t find much not too like about the WX252l XTD driver. Some users mentioned that they would have liked it to be speed adjustable. Another minor issue was that the screwdriver bits can’t be stored on the actual driver.


Worx have come up with a great gadget here and one that is extremely useful. For the amount of use the average home would get out of this it is certainly worth the price. It will save you lots of time and make those small jobs around the home a lot easier.

If you are looking to buy a cordless screwdriver for the home then the Worx WX252l XTD should be at the top of your list.