Pink Power Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver Set Review

Pink Power Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver

Pink Power Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver Set Review

In this article, we will talk about the Pink Power Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver Set Review. Durability is incredibly important in any tool. Due to the nature of actually using them; sometimes things drop by mistake. Your drill needs to be able to still last even if it does get bumped and bruised from time to time. The next thing is versatility. If the tool is easy and smooth in use it is considered as the best tool.


Pink Power has designed an all in one cordless screwdriver for women who only want to use one tool to get the job done. It is a pivoting screwdriver that has six different bit attachments built into the tool. This patented pivoting head makes changing bits easy and keeps them conveniently attached to your tool.

It is designed with a capacity gauge that makes sure how much power is left. It is also designed to be able to rotate 180 degrees enabling the hand to pivot. This pivoting design, along with the trigger activated LED light, enables users to work comfortably in dark or confined workspaces.

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  • ALL-INCLUSIVE SCREWDRIVER SET: Each screwdriver set includes (1) PP481 electric screwdriver, (1) charger, an 11 piece bit set, a drill bit adapter, and a full one year warranty that protects against any damage or defects.
  • PIVOTING HANDLE FOR TIGHT WORKSPACES: This 3.6V power screwdriver utilizes a patented pivoting head which enables it to fit into tighter workspaces. Use as a right-angle screwdriver (pistol grip), or press a button on the handle to rotate the unit straight.
  • BUILT-IN LED WORK LIGHT: The LED work light allows users to see into dark or confined workspaces. This hand tool is great for fixing loose screws, installing small light fixtures, hanging pictures, or putting together furniture.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT WITH SOFT GRIP HANDLE: Each battery-powered, cordless screwdriver weighs less than 12 ounces and comes with an internal 3.6V battery. The ¼” chuck will accept all standard size bits to help you tackle any project.
  • BATTERY GAUGE SHOWS REMAINING POWER LEVEL: The powered LED work light and 200 RPM motor will help you start any home improvement project. The built-in battery gauge shows the remaining power level so you’re never surprised by a low charge.

Pros & Cons:

  •         An exceptional option for household works
  •         180° rotating handle for efficient working
  •         Delivered with a one-year warranty
  •         Not ideal for professional works
  •         Bits sometimes pop off
  •         Very comfortable
  •         Comes with the bits you need

Pink Power Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver


  • This Screwdriver is one of the most affordable options on the market today.
  • This product comes with a head that can pivot to all kinds of places, increasing versatility and really helping you out depending on the location you are in.
  • The head also has the ability to hold up to six screwdriver bits at a time, so you can easily switch between them depending on the type of screws you are using.
  • The handle comes in two positions for maximum comfort, and if you want to drill in dark space there is a LED light that will illuminate what you are working on.
  • There is a gauge built into the product to keep track of when it needs to be charged.

This kit is ultra-compact and ultra-light at only 322 grams. It is also meant for only ultra-light-duty work. Assembling flat-packs or disassembling frames is fine; making pilot holes or screwing blind is not. You may need to tighten screws manually.


It is good for small projects, such as building furniture that needs to be put together. The pivoting handle ensures that you can complete the job in tighter spaces. It has installed a small magnetic bubble level that boosts the accuracy and precision level.

It is very versatile in use and smoothly can be handled. It is light in weight and easily can be carried out anywhere. You can fit your furniture with it so easily, it is a durable product.


The variable speed of this powerful screwdriver switch allows for smooth pilot drilling followed by rapid drilling at full speed, while the 18 + 1 lock position torque selector provides control over a range of delicate to powerful screw and drill driving applications.

It is combined with the efficient design of the motor, transmission, and mechanism that produces a much more compact drill with heavy machines.


The best screw guns include adjustable features, such as torque and depth of drive. Adjustability can also come in the form of the screw gun itself, which pivots or rotates to different positions. These features allow you to make adjustments as needed in order to get the job done efficiently.


Carrying cases are best for professionals who take their screw guns on the road to jobs offsite. It’s also a good way to store your tool while it’s not in use, whether you’re a professional or not. Selecting a product that has these additional components is something to consider if you’re working on a budget or deadline.