All DIYer’s need a jigsaw in their assortment – this BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C 5.0-Amp Jig Saw is incredible for cutting bends into material and is obviously superior to utilizing a hand saw. Psyche you, a few people are under the feeling that a jigsaw must be utilized to cut wood and that is the place they are incorrect. While jigsaws are extraordinary for cutting wood, they can likewise be utilized to cut other material, similar to drywall, steel and fiberglass – this makes the jigsaw a flexible instrument.

Brain you, in case you’re new to the universe of dance saws and force devices, you’re going to require some assistance finding the best one. As of late, we found the BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C 5.0-Amp Jig Saw and we certainly like what we found.

At the point when you get this item and open the crate, you’ll discover the saw, directions, and one sharp edge, so you have all that you need so as to escape.

Is the BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C 5.0-Amp Jig Saw a reasonable saw for you? Keep perusing to discover.

About BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C 5.0-Amp Jig Saw

If you love woodworking like me, then you may know that nothing beats having a smooth-cutting and versatile jigsaw for custom cuts. But let’s face it, most jigsaws don’t allow us to create perfect bevel or beautiful straight cuts. While attempting these types of cuts, it’s so common for a small saw like a jigsaw to drift off or skip along with the wood.

In order to accomplish perfect angles and precise edges, woodworkers have always been pushed into buying several expensive table and circle saws. Personally, I really don’t like switching between so many saws just to pull off a specific type of cut. Having all those saws really crowded up against my storage and seemed to put a hole in my wallet.

That’s what really pushed me to search for and find the Black & Decker BDEJS6000C 5.0 amp Smart Select Jigsaw. It has enough torque to make fantastic clean cuts and versatile enough to make special edges.



Additional Features

The great part about this jigsaw is that it has a trigger-operated variable speed which makes it so much easier to control. You can simply release tension or exert it on the trigger to change speeds so you don’t have to risk making a sloppy cut. I know that would have definitely come in handy during those times when I hit a knot in a 2×4.

It does have a lock button that you can activate once it reaches top speed, which comes in handy if you are cutting long pieces of plywood. However, the locking mechanism can only be activated at top speeds and maybe somewhat useless to engage unless you are really trying to cut long pieces of wood. Moreover, you can read about the VONHAUS 5.8 AMP COMPACT CIRCULAR SAW


A 5 Amp engine is liable for fueling the jigsaw and it can approach 3,000 strokes for every moment, which is OK. Then again, that is all that could possibly be needed for the vast majority of the DIY ventures. This saw is fit for slicing through nearly anything like overlay, wood, aluminum, PVC, and different metals. In any case, before you go cutting into each sort of material, it is significant that you have the correct sharp edge introduced for the activity.

Variable Speed

You can change the speed as per what you’re utilizing it for – modifying the speed should be possible by discouraging the trigger switch.

Changing the Blade

Commonly, with regards to control devices, changing the edge isn’t simple and that is the reason this dance saw astounded us – when it comes time to change the edges, it tends to be managed without bothering with it. You should simply press the switch and spot the new sharp edge in the clasp and then you’re finished



We feel the size is perfect – it’s not very enormous and not very little and the D-molded handle makes it simple to hold. It offers some vibration ingestion, which is acceptable in the event that you plan on utilizing it for a drawn-out timeframe.
It’s not too substantial and feels even and durable. It’s strong enough to use for a considerable length of time, without agonizing over it.

Just by modifying the shoe, you will have the option to make some really great slope cuts.

Dust Collection

We discover the residue assortment includes truly intriguing. This apparatus has an opening that will permit you to connect a vacuum hose to dispose of the residue.


  • Great wire monitor
  • Moderate cost
  • Variable speed
  • Keyless sharp edge change
  • Fit for making slope cuts
  • 5 Amp engine is incredible


  • Doesn’t accompany a case
  • The force link is a piece on the short side


On the off chance that you’re searching for a decent jigsaw on a tight spending plan, at that point the BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C 5.0-Amp Jig Saw may very well be a reasonable choice for you. Taking a gander at the jigsaw, it has all that you would anticipate that a fundamental saw should have and it is worked with a ground-breaking engine. We would need to state it would be an incredible device for most DIY ventures that require a jigsaw. It’s light in weight, agreeable to utilize and increase flexibility with regards to making bends. In any event, for tenderfoots, it’s anything but difficult to utilize.