NOOX Tire Inflator Air Pump Air Compressor 

Things that comes in handy have always been appreciated everywhere and in every walk of life. Like always, we brought another product that you might want to have with you whenever you go out for a drive or playing a football match. Who knows when your car tire or football may get out of service on the way where you are unable to find someone to fix it for you! If that’s the case, you don’t need worry about it anymore.

We present to you a great car tire air pump that might save you from troubled-time. There are a lot of product available namely car tire air pump but, we present to you noox tire inflator air pump air compressor. This is the best car tire inflator air pump available in market. Why we are suggesting it to you? Well, keep reading you will know why it’s so special.


Talking about its features, it fall into category of multi-functioning devices. The most common use of Noox Tire Inflator Air Pump Air Compressor is for cars tires, bikes tires and for footballs. It become handy when it comes to pump air into tires or football and having low weight and portable feature. You don’t have to push any shaft or rod or anything like that to pump the air into. It works on 12 Volts DC main and finish your work in no time.

Wide Range Features

This is widely used air pump can fill air up to 150 psi. As it multi-functioning device and can be used for inflating air cushions, air boats, airbeds, tubes, balls and bike tires.

It also equipped with an electronic pressure gauge and now you can control the air pressure as you required for it. Being portable and low operating parameters makes it very HOT product across the tires & car markets. There are control buttons engraved on control panel allowing you to have full control over it as you like. Noox Tire Inflator Air Pump Air Compressor is undoubtedly a user friendly device.

Noox tire inflator air pump air compressor is medium in sized and don’t carry too much space. You can carry it easily with you, where ever you are going. Remember carrying this best portable air pump for car tires when on drive to make sure you might tackle tire issues if happened.


It consist of a medium sized main structure within which air compressor is integrated along with air pumping mechanism and other small sophisticated circuits to make it best portable car tire pump. There is an anti-slip mate that keep is stable when using avoid vibration from compressor to distort its working mechanism. There is an integrated Electronic Pressure gauge along with control panel. It also comes up with three DC supply cables to power up the device.


Parts of Equipment

The control panel integrated on Noox Tire Inflator Air Pump Air Compressor consists of an LCD screen displaying pressure values. There are pressure adjustment buttons to increase or decrease pressure inside the tire or football. Default Pressure units are psi (pound per square inch) but you can change it as for yourself with pressure unit change buttons. It have the options for different pressure units like PSI, BR, KPa, and Kg/cm.


The design idea of this product is to make it easy to use and user friendly. You just need to plug the 12 Volts DC cable in the device and to the 12 V main power supply. Put the air nozzle tightly on tire and press turn on button. You will see pressure varying in tire real time and it will do all automatic from taking air from environment to filling air inside the tire and shutting down when job is done. This is the one of the reason that makes it best care air pump.

How to Use it

Do you want to know more about Noox tire Inflator Air Pump Air Compressor?


As Noox tire inflator air pump air compressor is one of the best care tire pump and have wide range of application with ease and user friendly design. It can be used form car tires to bike tires. And it also been discussed being used for air beds, Air bots, and footballs etc.

As it comes with many benefits it also bring some limitation with it. According to users reviews it has been reported to be not functioning sometime when it it get little older and needs to get something to be fixed always. That actually can happen with such heavy duty devices.


As from the above discussion, it should be cleared by now that indeed it is useful product and user friendly. This product in fact, also brings some limitations with it but it is still worth buying. Its diverse applications, user friendly nature, easy to carry and hold, cost effectiveness and, portability makes it best car tire air pump in the market comparison to others. If you are looking for, whether i will be suggesting it or not, then I would love to recommend buying this Noox Tire Inflator Air Pump Air Compressor.


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