DEWALT DCV580 18/20V MAX Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum


Before getting into the details of DEWALT DCV580, we want to tell that just like other DeWalt products, this one also works with a separate battery that does not come in the package. It holds the new 20-volt battery as well as the old 18-volt battery. If you haven’t got a battery yet, you will have to purchase one to make it work without a cord. That battery will not just help you with this particular machine, but all the DeWalt products work well with that. 

The DeWalt comes with a range of power tools and buying the battery and charger separately will definitely be a worthy purchase because it will work for all DeWalt tools that you have in your household. 

Apart from that, here we have elaborated its features and how it differs from other vacuums. All the pros and cons are explained to you so you can make the right decision. 


One of the most common problems that people face with vacuum cleaners is that they can’t get into all the crevasses because of the wire connecting it to the switch. The best and also the main selling feature of this wet-dry vacuum cleaner is that it comes without a cord. After getting this product, you won’t have to worry about the tangling wire or it getting in your way. This machine will make cleaning so much easier by vanishing the irritating wire. 

Dewalt DCV580H 1820V MAX Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum

This feature helps in countless ways and you can even use the machine in places where you don’t have a power connection. If you want to clean the outside of your house or your car in the garage, you can easily do that without worrying about the position of your switch. DeWalt DCV 580 is a great choice for people living without power supply and even boat owners who need a power tool that works with a battery. 

Just like everything else, there is a downside to this feature too. As compared to a corded vacuum, this one is less powerful. This problem of weak suction has a negative impact on the overall rating, but it’s great for some light cleaning. The other problem is the limited battery time, you can’t use it for more than 30 minutes due to the battery factor. 

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Portable and Lightweight 

This feature of the DCV580 makes it easy to carry. Grab it from the easy-grip handle with just one hand and you are easy to go. There come a crevice tool and nozzle attachment with the unit that decreases the workload. The other impressive thing about this product is the nice arrangement of the accessories. This significant and organized storage not just looks good, but is very handy when it comes to long cleaning processes. 

Features of the DeWalt DCV580

Apart from the above-mentioned characteristics, it has some other distinguishing features that we must talk about. 

  • This vacuum comes with a washable filter that can be reused. This way you can easily use it for wet as well as dry material.
  • It has a crush-resistant hose that can perform some heavy-duty functions. The strength of the hose will make sure that the lifespan of this machine is higher. 
  • The tank attached to the machine can easily carry around 2 gallons of dirt or liquid. You don’t have to dump it after every use, in fact, you can use it in the week and clean the tank on the weekend. 
  • This vacuum also comes with the power to blow along with the sucking option. This way if you want to blow off some dirt away from your belongings or suck it in, this machine will help you in both ways. 
  • It handles liquid impressively. The online reviews have clearly shown that this product is perfect for not just dry material, but also for liquids. 

The Versatility of DEWALT DCV580

The range of jobs that can be performed with this DeWalt Max Cordless vacuum is countless. Imagine your car left dirty by an uber passenger and you have to get it clean before the next one comes in. Guess what? This handy and portable vacuum will get your job done in minutes. Or if you have an off-grid cottage and you want to clean it up, the battery-operated DeWalt Max will save the day. Just like that, it is a great option for cleaning your workshop or a boat that you own. 

It might not be powerful enough to take all the dirt out of your carpet, but it surely will give you a clean surface or floor. Just know how a vacuum cleaner works and get to the cleaning already.


The cordless vacuum is versatile enough to get almost any job done. So, if you already own the battery and charger for Dewalt products, we will highly recommend this cost-effective cleaning tool. Just like other products by this company, this one is also a high-quality tool and will surely take your cleaning worries away.



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