DEWALT DCK590L2 5-Tool Combo Kit


We often face a problem, while working on a project like wood-work, our drill, saw or scrubber gets out of service. Going to market, buying a new one that costs you a lot might be hectic thing to face in such situations. If you are still reading our posts, that is because you know we always searched for you products that make your life a lot easy. Once again, we bring to you another product that is not only cost effective but also very efficient and multitasking. Having product like Dewalt Dck590l2 5-Tool Combo Kit while working will surely making your work efficient and time saving. If you are facing problems related to quality of your instrument or you just collecting information then you need to continue reading for next product details.


We judge the product whether it is useful, efficient and cost effective or not, we do it from real time progress product making overall. Dewalt Dck590l2 5-Tool Combo Kit have 90% happy users. This is only possible if this multi-functioning tool is really a great one. Other 5-6% of users claimed it little heavy. You know, when it comes to great efficiency, then these kind of secondary limitations are not legit critic to make. Very few also reported that it has saw blade quality not up-to the mark.

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Dewalt Dck590l2 5-Tool Combo Kit comes with a high quality bag having USA Manufacturer tag on it. The bag consists of owner manuals in it along with other tools and blades. This packing comes up only one blade of 6.5 inch diameter for cutting purpose. It also have reciprocating saw, chargeable impact driver, adjustable LED flashlight, Camera drill, regular drill with screw selection option, and the most important tool battery operated skill saw.



Complete Tools Package


All of these tools are in the same package that’s why this package is called as Combo-tools pack. It come up with all the major tools needed when doing heavy duty job. Compared to other market packages, this combo-package is the most durable, effective and most demanding. Most importantly it is also very cost effective relative to others.

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As this combo-package come up with packing that contain a lot of important heavy duty equipment from drilling to cutting, it can perform multi-dimensional job. It contains many equipment that have charging ability with Lithium-Ion batteries installed in it. All of these equipment are little heavy to make it last long and durable. Manufacturing material of these equipment are partially metal and partially plastic. They all have warning signs embedded on every equipment that is quality product sign. There are many manual in the bag from safety measures to how to use manual. Once you got this Dewalt Dck590l2 5-Tool Combo Kit, you don’t need buy any other extra equipment to deal with your project. It’s All in One type of high quality multi-functioning equipment package.

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3-Speed Impact Driver

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  • DCD985 20 Volts MAX hammer drill can work on 3 different speed options. The power delivery is very effective op to 535 Watts and excellent bit retention.
  • DCF885 20 Volts MAX impact driver have LED light installed on it and it can provide up to 20 seconds visibility without shadow which is very good.
  • DCL040 20 Volts MAX LED Flashlight can delivers up to 110 lumens of light.
  • DCS381 20 Volts MAX reciprocating saw have keyless blade clamp feature that quickly allow us to change blade if needed without touching anything.
  • DCS393 20 Volts MAX circular saw comes up with carbide reinforced 6.5 Inches of blade and cut at specific angle if required.


  • 20 Volts Max Hammer drill can deliver up to 535 Watts as output power with high speed efficiency
  • 20 Volts Max reciprocating saw have dual position clan for blades. It helps user to position boards and cut it any angle.
  • package includes flashlight in the package that allows user to work in low lit areas. This light increase visibility without shadows and without much heating up environment.
  • Usually, while heavy duty operations, equipment produces smoke and bad plastic burning smell.
  • While charging, battery takes large amount of time to finish charging.


20 Volts Li-Ion Battery


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DeWALT is trend Setter Company that have introduced Dewalt Dck590l2 5-Tool Combo Kit that is All-in-One package. This package contains 5-Tools that will help you in construction job or in Wood Crafting job. Because of its multi-functionality it is very popular across the globe. This the All-in-One package I would love to recommend to all. The DeWALT Company have already maintained its quality level and is amongst the one of trust able Tools making company. The Company also provide its customer with three month money back guarantee in case if these tools is not doing your job. Besides I will definitely recommend all of the heavy duty worker to have this package and it will not cost you much compared to other manufactured tools.